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elcome to Saber Astronautics. We are a research and development company dedicated to building cutting edge technology for both space and Earth-based applications. Our mission is to reduce the barriers to space, making it more accessible to people on Earth.

Our projects (right) streamline tasks required to live and work in space. We find intelligent ways to deal with the hazards of space through direct measurement and response. As Saber Astronautics grows, we will take on more complex projects such as spacecraft tracking, autonomous docking, and strategically-controlled robotics.

Welcome to our journey.

Saber Astronautics consists of an elite group of space professionals in the USA and in Australia. We have decades of collective experience in aerospace, electrical, and software engineering.

PIGI Project Intelligent Operations
Known as PIGI, or Predictive Interactive Groundstation Interface, this software package reduces the demand on human operators by better managing the massive data stream from a satellite network.
Cubesat Deorbit System
DragEN is a very simple, highly versatile tether deployer used for responsible de-orbit of nanosatellites at the end of their mission life. Using a conductive tether also allows basic measurements of local magnetic fields.
dragen Project
Microgravity Container
Low cost 0-g containers will allow people to consume drinks in space in the same way as on Earth. This technology is a simple contribution to improving the the day to day life of our hard working astronauts.

Quick Notes

Boulder internships now open.

Sydney internships now open, interviewing for Q2 2015

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