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Foundational heritage in machine learning for space with the technology and power to bring your mission to the next level.
A Pioneer in Machine Learning for Space
Most spacecraft normally use a simple limit check to find satellite errors. Simple heuristics are great to find out what happens but do not tell you why. With the infinite number of things that can go wrong in space, operators need a better way.
Saber Astronautics, decade of experience in machine learning driven satellite diagnostics can greatly reduce the risk of your mission. Satellite health, signals health, and space traffic monitoring all leverage Machine Learning as part of our Platinum Operations. Services
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Diagnostics Services
Spacecraft diagnostics services provided by Saber profiles your spacecraft using its bus and payload telemetry. As part of the service, Saber machine-learning models are compact and can run on real time systems either on-orbit or in the RSOC.
Depending on application, Saber’s field-tested capabilities demonstrate properties of time-invariance and in some cases can last for years without re-training.