Official Opening of the Australian Mission Control Centre in Lot Fourteen, Adelaide
31st March 2021

Saber Astronautics is pleased to announce the official opening for the Responsive Space Operations CentreTM (RSOC) in Adelaide Australia. The RSOC is part of a growing program providing satellite services for the commercial space sector offering control for satellites and space traffic services for the region.

The RSOC is an ongoing program from Saber Astronautics since 2014, advancing improvements in spacecraft operations. The program leverages advanced capabilities such as machine learning in spacecraft day-to-day operations along with 3D gaming technologies. Saber’s program possesses heritage in concurrent design, pre-flight testing, and a range of in-flight services from laboratories in Boulder, Colorado and Sydney, Australia. The laboratories continue to develop a range of techniques providing “follow the sun” services.

Inside view of the Responsive Space operations Centre (RSOC), supported by the Australian Space Agency

The launch in Adelaide is supported by the Australian government’s interest in catalysing sovereign space sector growth. In 2020, the Department of Industry, Science, Innovation, and Resources in conjunction with the Australian Space Agency awarded Saber Astronautics a $6 Million grant for the Mission Control Centre from the Australian Government’s Space Infrastructure Fund.

One of the challenges of the RSOC is solving the bespoke nature of the industry. Dr. Jason Held, CEO of Saber Astronautics, explains; “Historically, satellite owners design their operations around a single specific mission. We designed the RSOC from day one to support the broader market and provide flexibility so we can scale to support a larger number of different types of spacecraft and orbits.”

The RSOC is supported by a supplier marketplace for telescopes and dish networks for spacecraft tracking and communications. Saber engaged Deloitte in designing secure business models relating to this marketplace. The firm is also providing expertise in cyber security and supporting experiential design, helping Saber realise the vision for the program.

With the RSOC program, Australians are able to design and fly their missions from one place. Giving new companies and researchers access to the program’s advanced operational capabilities.

"The combination of Saber's latest innovations in spacecraft design, command and control, flexible infrastructure and our supercharged cybersecurity practices, we can assist space companies at any stage of their project - From concept through to existing on-orbit assets." says Andreas Antoniades, Director of Saber’s Australian operations.

The innovative technology at the MCC will be open for public viewing from the Australian Space Discovery Centre in the Lot Fourteen space from May, complementing the new home of the Australian Space Agency.

Several commercial clients recently signed agreements with flights scheduled over the next two years.

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