Saber Astronautics Deploys Flight Software Space Cockpit to the US Space Force
19th April 2021

19th April 2021 -- 

Colorado, USA -- Saber Astronautics next generation mission control software Space Cockpit™ recently completed security reviews and is successfully deployed to selected military operators at the US Space Force (USSF).

Space Cockpit is a Space Domain Awareness visualization tool offering modern user interfaces and gaming technologies to visualize spacecraft and the environment. Space Cockpit was developed with concurrent user feedback from US Space Force operators and other Wing Commands of the USAF.  

Space domain awareness is increasingly important as the number of satellites is tripling over the next ten years.  Space operators benefit with the ability to quickly see a clear picture of space, including a rapid and data-driven understanding of how satellites interact with each other.  Space Cockpit draws data directly from sensor providers and ‘data lakes’ allowing operators to efficiently identify problems in space.

Dr. Jason Held, Saber Astronautics’ CEO explains, “It’s an increasingly congested sky.  The more satellites we launch the more things can go wrong.  Space Cockpit fits a direct US DoD need in support of national strategic missions. This is an exciting deployment for us.” 

Space Cockpit received the Certificate to Field (CtF) which certifies that Saber’s space applications meet DoD’s specific requirements. Software applications require a CtF prior to deployment to frontline personnel.  Space Cockpit is now available to the USSF, United States Air Force (USAF), and broader DoD use.

Saber USA Director Nathan Parrott says "This is a really exciting day! Getting the CtF for Space Cockpit means that we can deploy that software to the front lines where it is needed most. This CtF is the first step in our goal to deploy a wide range of additional software solutions for the USSF and DoD as a whole". 

The original development baseline for Space Cockpit is from Saber Astronautics’ Predictive Ground station Interface (P.I.G.I.), a space operations software tool for the Responsive Space Operations Centers in Colorado and Australia.  

space cockpit 1000

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