Arlulas Earth Observation Application Now Hosted on Saber Astronautics Space Application Marketplace
23rd April 2024

22nd of April 2024 --

Boulder, Colorado -- Saber Astronautics is excited to announce the integration of Arlula’s Earth Observation (EO) Data Application into Saber’s Space Application Marketplace (SAM), a significant milestone marking the first time third-party EO data is available on the Space Cockpit platform. Originating from Australia, Arlula is at the forefront of making satellite imagery accessible, allowing users worldwide to effortlessly obtain, manage, and analyze satellite imagery on a grand scale.

This collaboration highlights the vital synergy between US and non-US partners, aimed at enhancing the offerings to the United States Space Force (USSF) and its allies. It demonstrates the global cooperation essential for advancing the space sector.

The Space Application Marketplace (SAM) is funded by the US Space Force and built upon the robust foundation of the Space Cockpittm battle management software (, which is deployed and in use by thousands of operators in the USSF and allied systems.  Space Cockpit received its Continuous Authority to Operate (CATO) in 2019, allowing broad distribution across DoD. Building on Space Cockpit allows SAM members to greatly reduce the deployment waiting period from years to only a few months, overcoming many of the challenges deploying to the US DoD.

Embedding Arlula’s Earth Observation app directly into Space Cockpit represents a fundamental leap forward in operational agility,” explained Dr. Jason Held, CEO of Saber Astronautics. “It merges real-time, actionable satellite imagery within live space operations, so operators watching space traffic can also monitor actions on the ground.”

Arlula's EO Data Application not only represents the first third-party satellite imagery solution within SAM but also sets a new standard for satellite imagery solutions. With an expansive archive at its core and direct imagery tasking on the horizon, the application aims to dramatically improve situational awareness for space operators.

Sebastian Chaoui, Arlula’s CEO adds "By combining Arlula’s advanced earth observation infrastructure within Saber Astronautics’ Space Cockpit, users are able to effortlessly acquire and manage satellite imagery on an unprecedented scale. This will help to redefine how we secure land, air and space domains.”

This integration highlights Saber's dedication to advancing space technology, offering a holistic solution that not only bridges the gap known as the “Valley of Death” in software companies looking to reach the US DoD but also facilitates swift deployment for operators eager to experiment with new applications.

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